Best Graphic Designing Course In Delhi

Best Graphic Designing Course In Delhi

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the process of creating visual content that effectively communicates messages or ideas. It includes techniques such as typography, imagery, color, layout, and composition.

This field has applications in a variety of industries, including advertising, branding, publishing, web design, and packaging. Graphic designers create visually appealing assets by combining traditional methods such as sketching with digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Graphic Designing Course in Delhi

Course Outline:

Brave Teach Institute provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes fundamentals of graphic design as well as courses in digital marketing, data science, and web development. Topics covered include layout, typography, image manipulation, and web design, among others. The curriculum aims to provide students with the skills needed to create appealing graphics for personal and professional use, preparing them for freelance graphic design careers. 

How to Enroll in the Graphic Designing Course in Delhi?

Enrolling in a Graphic Design Course In Delhi begins with identifying an institute that aligns with your goals. Once you’ve selected Brave Teach Institute, the enrollment process is straightforward. Prospective students can visit the institute’s website to explore course offerings and initiate their journey towards mastering graphic design.

Graphic Design Course Module | Learn Best Graphic Design Course In Delhi

Module 1: Introduction to Graphic Design

  • Exploring the core principles of graphic design
  • Tracing the historical development of graphic design
  • Understanding the diverse applications and significance of graphic design across industries

Module 2: Design Principles

  • Mastering key design principles such as balance, contrast, rhythm, and proportion
  • Analyzing the elements of design: line, shape, color, texture, and space
  • Applying design principles to create visually compelling compositions

Module 3: Typography

  • Grasping typography basics: understanding type anatomy, classification, and hierarchy
  • Selecting appropriate typefaces for different design contexts
  • Engaging in practical exercises to refine typography layout and composition skills

Module 4: Adobe Photoshop Essentials

  • Navigating the Adobe Photoshop interface and essential tools
  • Learning image editing techniques including cropping, retouching, and color correction
  • Creating digital illustrations and compositions using Photoshop

Module 5: Adobe Illustrator Essentials

  • Familiarizing with the Adobe Illustrator interface and fundamental tools
  • Mastering vector graphics essentials: shapes, paths, and anchors
  • Crafting logos, icons, and illustrations with Illustrator

Module 6: Adobe InDesign Essentials

  • Exploring the Adobe InDesign workspace and core tools
  • Understanding layout design principles for both print and digital media
  • Designing various publications such as brochures, flyers, and posters

Module 7: Branding and Identity Design

  • Delving into branding fundamentals and principles
  • Developing brand identities including logos, color palettes, and visual assets
  • Crafting brand style guides and collateral materials to maintain brand consistency

Module 8: Web Design Basics

  • Introduction to web design principles, trends, and best practices
  • Designing user-friendly interfaces (UI) for websites and mobile applications
  • Utilizing prototyping and wireframing tools to streamline web design processes

Module 9: Portfolio Development

  • Building a professional graphic design portfolio showcasing diverse projects
  • Effectively presenting projects and case studies to potential employers or clients
  • Enhancing presentation skills for portfolio review sessions and job interviews

Module 10: Industry Trends and Career Opportunities

  • Staying updated on current trends and emerging technologies in graphic design
  • Exploring various career paths within the graphic design industry including freelance, in-house, and agency roles
  • Developing effective networking and job search strategies tailored to graphic designers

Why Join Brave Teach Institute in Delhi?

Brave Teach Institute caters to students of varying expertise levels, offering courses suitable for beginners to seasoned professionals. Conveniently situated in Shastri Nagar, Delhi, the institute ensures easy access to classes. Whether students prefer online or traditional classroom instruction, Brave Teach Institute provides the necessary resources and support to enhance their graphic design skills.


Brave Teach Institute, located in Shastri Nagar, Delhi, offers a wide range of graphic design courses for all skill levels – basic, advanced, and professional. These courses are available both on-campus and online, providing students with a variety of scheduling options. 

The institute focuses on practical training, ensuring that students gain hands-on experience with graphic design tools and techniques. Brave Teach Institute stands out from other institutes in Delhi due to its reasonable fee structure, which makes quality education more accessible to aspiring designers.